Monday, January 9, 2017

Potential Client Match Quiz

Hi everyone! Since we are starting a new year, I know for a lot of people that means beginning a fresh round of queries. I decided to make a fun quiz to judge your potential relationship juju with me based on my interests, the way I work, etc.

  1. What genre/category does your writing fit into?

  2. MG or YA
    Commercial fiction, women's fiction, or historical fiction
    Memoir, other adult nonfiction, or mystery/thriller
    Fiction picture books or adult sci-fi/fantasy
  3. Do you enjoy working collaboratively?

  4. Not really
    I am willing to listen to other opinions, but want to have the final say
    I like having a back and forth, and am fine with compromise
    I love working with others to shape my manuscript
  5. How do you view the writing process?

  6. As something that I alone should control
    I work alone until I have a finished product and then share that with others to get their thoughts
    My process is to talk ideas over with others first, and then choose the best one to write
    As a creative back and forth that allows me to bring my writing and stories to the next level
  7. How often do you want to be in touch with your agent?

  8. Never
    Just when I have questions or there is something to say
    I like to have scheduled dates to check in
    All the time
  9. Are you comfortable with voicing concerns?

  10. Noooo, I get too scared
    I second-guess my concerns but will eventually share them
    I will speak out if my agent prods me first
    I have no problem expressing myself
  11. Do you believe in dabbling in different genres or sticking to one to build a reputation?

  12. I want to write in multiple genres because I want to write whatever strikes my fancy
    I write in two or more different genres and want to build separate author brands in those areas
    I mainly write in one genre, but am interested in dabbling in tangential genres, too
    I want to focus solely in one genre with my writing
  13. What do you want your agent's role to be?

  14. The person who sets deadlines and tells me what to do
    Just to focus on selling my books/the business side--I don't want them to be involved creatively
    I self publish, so I just want someone to handle subrights and maybe a new project here and there
    An advocate, sounding board, and person whose opinions I trust
  15. Are you interested in getting to know your agent's other authors?

  16. No, I don't think it's important
    I'm not against it, but I'm not really interested in it
    It would be cool to be able to talk to other authors in my genre that my agent works with
    Yes, I love the idea of having a community of authors agented by the same person
  17. What will you do if you have a hard time selling your first project?

  18. Give up and die
    Give up and die for a few days, but then bounce back to revise or try something new
    Keep pushing and revising on that first project until it sells
    I know publishing is subjective, so as long as my agent and I have a strategy convo, I'll be fine
  19. How do you feel about marketing, publicity, and social media?

  20. I think those areas are things my future publisher should focus on, not me
    Ehh not super interested. I think focusing all my energy on my writing is more important
    I know a bit but am eager to learn/do more in those areas
    I'm all about it
I hope this was fun and informative! Happy querying 


  1. This is so much fun! I got an 86! I wanted to check "all the time" for talking, but know that's not realistic, so I chose something else instead.

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad you had fun taking it!

    2. It was really great! I also answered the first project question as if we were still working on it, but my answer should have been what really happened: keep revising until we sell it!

  2. Also, I meant to say: if you want to, feel free to share your score below and ask any questions about the choices for answers!

  3. I got a 90...must be a good sign. I loved your possible answers for what will you do if you have a hard time selling your first project (or second project?). I chose "give up and die for a few days and then bounce back to revise or try something new". Also for the question about "voicing concerns", the second answer sums me up perfectly:)

  4. Hee Hee I got a 92!! I knew there was a reason we worked great together!!

  5. 88!? I think I lost points for "I second guess my concerns but eventually share them" haha. safe to say I think we're a good match!!

    1. That was my response to that question as well!

  6. What a cool way to see how you work with your clients! I got a 91!

  7. 99% wow! Glad you're on my list to query this spring :)

  8. I got 80% and feel content with this answer. Though I will say that on some of the questions I felt my exact answer was not there. Oh and had a question. If someone had won a past query contest, after revising "Extensively" could that said someone still enter future contests with their awesome new query?

  9. I got an 89. Lots all my points on the last question. Not good at the social media thing. :-(

  10. Uh oh.....

    76. But I thought being in the red was bad!!!!

  11. I got a 95. Lost points for wanting a scheduled check-in time....

  12. I got a 94%. Probably should give Carrie a closer look. Thanks JeffO for posting about you my dear. He clearly loves your work.

  13. 95% -- does this mean I should query you?

    1. Your quiz results mean we would potentially work well together, so feel free to query if you would like to! Best of luck!


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  15. Wow. I scored a 96. I had to go back to see why I didn't get 100% I like to get 100% even in little quizzes like this one. But this basically shows we can work together. Guess I'll have to query to see if you love my project/s and think you could work with it/them. How exciting.

  16. 96% So YES I'll be keeping you on my query list. :) Thanks for the fun quiz!