Monday, September 21, 2015

Silver Linings Playbook

YESSS!!!  Another deal!  Soooo happy to say that Greg Bruno's BLESSINGS FROM BEIJING, about the current challenges faced by the Tibetan diaspora, is going to be finding it's home with ForeEdge, the trade imprint of the University Press of New England.  I'm definitely soaring on a high of book deals right now...ironically this summer has brought deals left and right when before it brought only automated vacation messages.

At the start of this year, my New Year's Goal was to get eight deals in 2015.  Well, looks like I can sit back and relax, because I'm already there!  Okay, I'm obviously not going to sit back and relax, but I have to admit, I am super proud of myself.  I was bummed that I missed my deal goal last year, and am really hoping that I make it up to my 2014 self by surpassing the mark this time around.

I'm going to keep going!

think that I can make it happen, because I still have a ton of submissions out, including Marlo Mack's and Stephanie Twining's, which just went out for their first rounds!!  I also signed an amazing new client, Betsy Thorpe, whose novel THE THIN PLACE, *finally* gets me my own professors-gone-rogue version of OUTLANDER and I could not be happier!

I'm focusing on all these good things, as well as the fact that my wedding venue is officially booked (yayyy!!), because my apartment is a nightmare right now.  There is a giant hole in my bathroom ceiling that has been there for a couple weeks.  Apparently there is some kind of leak that necessitates the hole being made, semi-covered with a piece of plywood, and staying there for a certain amount of time.  Water keeps spurting out of it randomly, along with cement chunks, dirt, and bugs, which means:

a) You really can't shower in there.
b) My shower curtains, bath mat, everything in there is ruined.
c) My whole apartment smells like mildew.
d) I want to kill someone.

I like my super a lot, but I'm really not thrilled with this whole kerfuffle.  My cousin Katie is a real New Yorker and has been giving me a lot of advice on how to deal with this whole situation, so I'm hoping this will all be handled soon and I can stop looking like this:


  1. Cheers for deals, new clients, and wedding plans!

    And, as a homeowner, I think the very worst thing I have experienced is water in unwanted/unexpected places--I hope things get fixed soon.

  2. Huge congrats on the deals! You are inspiring me to finish revising, so I can maybe be your ninth deal!! And sorry about the shower. That would make me cranky too:(