Monday, April 6, 2015


It's spring!  I know it's officially been spring for a little while now, but it's only recently felt like it. When Micheal was here, we had some really nice warm days, and I got to walk around the city without wanting to light my face on fire.  We didn't end up doing the Mission Escape thing (it was $180!!!) but we took him and his friend to Brooklyn Bowl and St. Mark's Place, which was a lot of fun.

Now that it's feeling nice outside, I've been wanting to do some spring cleaning and freshening up.  I've been telling myself to paint the apartment ever since I moved in, and there is one sad swatch of blue that has been painted over my stove since November, so my goal for this week is to get out, buy the paint, and just do it!!

Since I'm pretty caught up on reading at the moment, my other goal for this week is to follow up on submissions.  I have a couple projects that might be up for deals soon, so I need to check in with editors.  I've also been at work updating bios on the website and helping Emily get a booklet ready for RWA--it's an awesome anthology of teasers from novels by all of our romance authors!

Speaking of romance, who saw the Outlander premiere this past weekend?  IT WAS GREAT!  When I was getting out of the subway on Wednesday, men dressed in kilts handing out fliers to the red carpet premiere in the city.  I didn't end up going, but I kept the's pretty awesome!

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  1. It's great to have nice weather, isn't it? It just lifts the mood so much. Mission Escape sounded pretty fun, but $180 is kind of steep!