Monday, January 12, 2015

A Little Wedding, A Little "Wired"

I did it!!  I got a wedding dress...two, actually!  For $99 each, I can make up my mind later about which one is prettier.  I also made two friends while I was waiting in line, and they aren't getting married until 2016 either, so it was nice to know that I wasn't the only crazy person in New York who was thinking about dresses this early.

I debated about posting pictures of my two "the one"s, but I feel like that is a big no.  Instead, here is the Lovely lobby/waiting area...the entire store is just as pretty:

In other news, mark your calendars for February 10th!  My author, JB Turner, has the next book in his Jon Reznick series that will be publishing then.  You can also pre-order the book if marking the calendar just won't do it. The Jon Reznick Thrillers are an amazing action/government thriller series (the first two books were sadly not repped by me when they were first sold) that used to be with Exhibit A.

I'm finishing up my annual strategy session calls this week, all of which have been going extremely well, and getting dinner with Jessica when she is in town tomorrow!!!  I can't wait to meet her in person and do a live strategy session :)


  1. Aaaah. Getting to say to your friends: "I can't make it tonight - I'm having dinner with my agent..." Isn't that what we all dreamed of saying one day ? :-)

    Congrats on the dress(es)... I'm sure the final choice will be stunning!

  2. that store is so gorgeous. And I'm so excited about your dresses. At such an amazing deal I fully support buying two. you'll have time to choose and can try them on a bunch more times...or, an even better idea: One for the ceremony, one for reception (you know Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood would do it)

    1. Yes - this is the one time you can be like Becky and not have it turn out utterly ridiculous. Do it, Carrie!

  3. My daughter's prom three years ago was cheaper than mine **cough cough** years ago, your dress today is cheaper than my wife's *harrumph ahem* years ago--what's going on in this crazy world???

    Congrats on the dress(es) and good luck to JB!

  4. That's a great price for a wedding dress! And the lobby does look so wonderful.
    JB's book looks really interesting! I'll have to go pre-order that now :)

  5. Are those about Jon Reznick the singer??? High school heart throb.
    Good job on dresses. I had a friend here in Chicago that just dragged her fiancé to one of those expos over the weekend!