Monday, December 8, 2014

Query Critique

Time for Query Critique Contest #2!  When I did this for the first time last month, I realized that there were rules and clarifications missing that I hadn't thought of, so I spent some time over the month figuring out how the contests will go.  If I'm still missing something, feel free to tell me in the comments!


1. Once a month, I will announce that the contest is open.  Please email me your query with the subject heading LITERARY CARRIE QUERY CRITIQUE - my email is cpestritto(at)ldlainc(dot)com.  The eighth person to email me will win the query critique!

2. The critique will be posted in a month.  If the critique gets eight real comments that day (and by real, I mean comments about the choices I made when editing, questions about the critique, discussion about the way the author chose to word something, etc.), then the author will win an additional prize: the "author treatment," in which I will critique the first 100 pages of their novel the same way I would for my clients.  Comments by me or by the author do not count.

UPDATE AS OF 5/23/16: Because it has been taking me a very long time to get the "author treatment" winners their 100-page critiques, from now on, the additional prize for having eight meaningful comments on your critique will be critique of your first three chapters!

3. If you've entered a previous query critique, you can still enter following contests!

4. You can enter any query you like, even if it is in a genre that I normally do not represent.  Please be aware that if you submit in a genre I am not interested in, however, it is likely that my comments may not be as useful to you.

Also, this month's contest is now officially open!  May the odds be ever in your favor!