Monday, October 27, 2014

Query Critique

Hi everyone!  Because I've been wanting to make this blog more helpful for awhile now, I've decided to feature a special query critique contest every month!

Here's what I'm thinking: When I announce the contest each month, the eighth person submit their query (and you don't need to use the submission form for this, guys, just email me directly!) with the subject header LITERARY CARRIE QUERY CRITIQUE at the beginning of their pitch (because eight is my favorite number), will win a free query critique that I will share on my blog the following month.  If their critique gets more than eight comments on my blog, they will then win the "author treatment," where I will critique/edit the first 100 pages of their manuscript the same way I would for my clients.

What do you guys think?  Does it sound like fun?  I hope so, because the first query critique is now open!  Submit your query with the header above to enter!

Monday, October 20, 2014

New Things Every Day

This past week was full new things, despite the fact that I had/had a bad cold! 

We all met with one of our film agents, Justin Manask, to catch up and talk more about that side of the business.  It was interesting to hear him tell us what kind books he is looking for (nonfiction that can be turned into Oscar-worthy films and sci-fi YA novels) and what the trends are in the entertainment industry (books that can be turned into TV shows are hot right now). 

And I made an offer to my first picture book author, Christina Matula-Hakli!  She was referred to me through Susan and has written a great picture book about the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Her illustrator, Pearl Law, caught Teresa's eye, so hopefully we both will be working with Christina and Pearl.

This is not for another week or so, but I will be participating in YARWA's Reckless Youth Pitch Party for the first time, thanks to one of Emily's clients, Marissa Doyle.  I'm looking forward to doing this a lot, especially since I could go for a swoon-worthy teen romance right now.  There's nothing better for a drippy nose and sore throat.

Also, for anyone who is looking for a great novella: Dan Newman has just released a prequel to THE CLEARING, available on Amazon to download for .99 cents!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap

That is my brain tapping its foot.  It (and I) realized this past week that I am still a deal away from reaching my goal of six new deals this year.  Technically two, since I didn't really do that much for Dean's ABC-Clio book, and it feels like including that in my list is cheating.

There are a lot of projects out right that have the potential to be the final two of the year.  JB Turner's Deborah Jones series have serious interest from Thomas & Mercer, Jackie Cantor is a big fan of Rachel's KEEP SWEET, Andrea over at Vintage loved Meghan's FIRELOCK and requested to see a revised version, an editor at Harper really liked Jessica Arnold's PURE...

It would be the coolest thing in the history of my life if all these books got deals before the end of 2014.  As it stands, I'll settle for the two needed to meet my goal.  

Either way, I am excited about how my year is shaping up!  I couldn't pinpoint what exactly is different if my life depended on it, but so far, 2014 has been very different for me and in a very great way.  I feel like my authors have been turning out ever more fantastic projects, I've found wonderful new authors, I'm networking more, agenting more, making more deals, etc.

My colleague Teresa told me that in her agenting experience, all of sudden things just get good.  I guess (knock on wood) that is what is happening to me!

Guess I must have one!

Monday, October 6, 2014

On a Roll

Wow, I am just on a roll with great weeks lately.  I went to a fun speed networking event last Monday hosted by Dealmakers at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe.  I really suggest you check it out if you're in the city - it is a beautiful bookstore and 100% of their profit goes to Housing Works to benefit AIDS research.  I met a lot of great editors there, and even some editors from Berkley, who all told me that they had heard of Rachel Mork's project, KEEP SWEET, that Jackie Cantor is considering (and apparently very enthusiastic about!).

I signed a new author this past week as well, the wonderful Donna Scott, and I am very excited about her Jacobite Scottish historical women's fiction, SHAME THE DEVIL...we all know why! ;)  She is a fantastic author and  I know I am going to love working with her.  I'm hoping to send out her novel very soon, since I've already seen Scottish historical romances popping up on Publishers Marketplace deal listings due to the OUTLANDER craze...speaking of which, my friend over at Random House sent me DRAGONFLY IN AMBER since I finished the first book, and I can't wait to start it!

I've been dying for a reason to post this picture!

I also have an intern!  I've been a bit overwhelmed with my reading list lately and it seems like I'm only going to be getting busier from here on out, so I contacted my old thesis advisor, Professor Barale, to ask if she knew of anyone at Amherst who might be interested in a remote internship, and was thus introduced to Maia!  She is going to be helping me with second opinions on manuscripts and occasionally assistingBrianna with some of her publicity stuff for FAMOUS PHONIES, which is great!

Add getting to meet another one of my authors, Susan Meyers, who was in town visiting, and that pretty much rounds out another amazing seven days in the life of Carrie!