Monday, February 10, 2014

Lots to Do!

Life can be very random sometimes.  I always seem to find that I get offers for book deals when I least expect them.  In that vein, I am so happy that Sara and I will be working with Kelly Loughman from Holiday House on Sara's book, UNNATURAL SELECTION.  I am looking forward to hammering out the contract and getting all the other big details figured out!

It is one one a very long list of things to do.  I'm not necessarily a conspiracy theorist, but I firmly believe that all my authors secretly get together and pre-determine specific weeks when they will all send me their revisions at once.  Individually, I am very excited to see the changes made to their books, but when I get six or eight emails in a row with new versions attached, I admit, I start to panic and say, "Go away!  Go away!"  ::makes shooing motion with hands::

I am taking a leaf out of the restaurant bar's policy to handle the chaos: first-come, first-served.  So, my lovely authors, don't get too antsy if you notice it's taking me longer than normal to get back to you.  You just have a spot farther back in the queue!

And finally, something non-book related: I'm not sure exactly how this came about, but I have a tattoo!  

I take that back - I do know how it came about, I wasn't drugged and kidnapped by tattoo artists, but I'm surprised at myself for going for it so sporadically.  As my close friends know, I've half-heartedly considered getting some kind of tattoo for the past decade but never done it (kind of the same deal with my ears, except that they're still un-pierced).  Well, I got in a really tattoo-y mood over the weekend, thought of a design on Friday, booked a consultation at Kings Avenue Tattoo on Saturday, and got it done on Tuesday!  I feel so wild!


  1. It's funny how tattoos have become so respectable. When I was a kid, I think only three kinds of people had 'em: bikers, convicts, and Marines.

    As for the rest of it--it's good to be busy, right? Maybe at some point, you'll also get offers all at the same time, too!

  2. Lackaday, fellow authors! The Pestritto has cottoned onto our plot!!

    All's well, I believe :) You work incredibly hard and it is appreciated. Just nurture your sanity!

    And I, too, recently obtained my first tattoo! I haven't revealed it publicly because I enjoyed seeing people's reactions to it in person, but it has been some obscene amount of time since I last blogged, and that seems like a worthwhile subject, yes? Do we get to know what you chose? Will there be pictures at some point? Congratulations!

    1. Hahaha. And YES - start blogging again!!! Maybe as a reward I will let you know what my tattoo is, but until then I will keep you in horrible suspense :)

    2. Aw, cruel! But very well. Possibly this coming morning. The blog shall liiiiiive!!

  3. I think life works like that!! I am almost done with my edits, so it looks like to the very back of the line I will go!! Somehow I will survive! ;)

  4. Sorry about the deluge! And show us your tattoo!

  5. yes I'm on team Tell Us About the Tattoo! I'm way too fickle to ever commit like that, but I'm always excited to see what people choose! My own wild spontaneity began and ended in my teens with those Swarovski crystal stick-ons you could get at Claire's boutiques. (crazy, I know! the press would have a field day with me)

  6. I always cave to pressure. I can't figure out how to post an image in comments, but you can see on my Google+ page!

  7. Tattoos are addictive, I'll say. Unless one has a husband that doesn't approve. And there went my grand plan for the half sleeve I wanted.