Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hey! I'm Walking Here!

So I am officially a New Yorker!  I had to drag myself to the DMV in Manhattan early in the morning to get my driver's license transferred, but it is done and I now have a nice piece of temporary paper saying that I am a resident of the city and could, I suppose, potentially drive in it...don't see that happening though.

Yeahhh, no thank you.

In other news, Dean's book will be coming out soon!  He is speaking at Brainwave at the Rubin Museum on March 5th, so if you live in the city, you should go.  If not, definitely pre-order the book!

Jessica's book is also coming out in the near future. I'm ashamed to say that because the pub date has changed around so much, I'm not sure of the exact day, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say April.  Jessie, is that right?  There has already been some excitement about the book, and Jessica has some great blurbs from Laura Bickle and Tracy Deebs!

Amidst all this exciting author news, I am also gearing up for battle on behalf of an author.  Not really sure how it's going to go down.  On the worst of days, I don't really think that anyone would use the word "scary" to describe me, but I am working to channel my inner Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada.  We'll see how that goes.

Don't mess with Meryl.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Just Random Thoughts

When I went to the office in New Jersey this past week, Emily shared an email she received from an editor at HarperCollins.  She had asked the editor what was selling/trending, and the editor reported back that, right now, the YA market is "trendless," and that beyond fantastic writing and amazing voice, there is no "it" things for YA books to be about right now.  I also read an interesting article in PW about YA trends.

Having grown up on back-to-back-to-back YA trends (rich high school cliques, wizards, Greek mythology, vampires, dystopian) it's kind of weird to hear that there isn't a hot topic right now, though I'm not opposed to just having the trend be really great writing and stories.  Thinking about my own YA authors, I would have to say I am trendless as well.  The genres my clients write in range from contemporary to historical fiction to fantasy and everywhere else in between.  

In other news, I have something that I have been *I* want to write a book?  The answer is already kind of no, because I have no time, but I remember researching and writing my senior English thesis in college and my professor urging me to continue my work once I graduated and try to get it published.  If I were to write a book, I feel sure that it would be in the non-fiction realm rather than fiction...I wouldn't have to worry about plot for one thing!  

Who knows...maybe in my spare time, I'll try to polish up my old English thesis.  Or I could just watch old movies with John all day, which is what I'm doing today.  Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day!  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Starting the Year Right

Got back into the swing of this past week and it was very invigorating.  I sent out four submissions to editors (Jane Ann's new historical fiction THE SORROW STONE, Beth Ellyn's revised THE MAKEUP DIARIES, Nicole's New Adult GIRLS WHO TRAVEL, and Brianna's FORGOTTEN FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE FABULOUSLY FAMOUS - go team!) and also did most of my Annual Strategy Session calls, which are going pretty well!  It seems like my authors like them, and I'm thinking of making them an annual tradition.  It's definitely helped me clarify goals for each of my clients and know what to focus on and help them with this year.

I have some goals for myself this year: in the long term, I'm hoping to sell at least five or six books this year, and in the short term, I did my best to read through Dan's follow up to THE CLEARING as quickly as possible.  His delivery date is in February, which is right around the corner!  I started the book a couple days ago (and it is as fantastically gripping as Book #1) and just got my notes to him the other day!  That's one goal off the list.

I also started a "new" job this year.  The restaurant that I was working at closed, so I have moved to one of its sister restaurants.  I still have the same job with the same poeple, just in a new place, but it's pretty cool.  The offices there are much bigger than the ones at Park Avenue.  The restaurant also has a nightclub attached to it, so I get to have fun looking at all the designer coats and bags that drunk people lose over the weekends.  (Seriously, there are like 30 coats down there.  How do you forget your coat IN THE WINTER??)  

Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm Back!

So these past two weeks have been holiday heaven.  In a very un-Carrie-like move, I abstained from all forms of work while I was home, and instead pretended that I was on winter break, like I had back in college.  I had a fantastic Christmas (my presents to people this year were way better than last year's - go me!) and a wonderful birthday/New Year's (although I barely made it until midnight before falling asleep).

Now that I am back in the city, I am digging into all things agenty with lots of vigor.  Some payments that I have been waiting on are trickling in and I'm getting ready to send out my first submissions of 2014!  I'm also hoping to have blurbs from Laura Bickle and Tracy Deebs for Jessica's book soon and can't wait to see the wonderful things I'm sure they will have to say about it.

Yay for Jessica and her book!  (Click the picture)

I have three books that I sent out before the end of 2013 that I have high hopes will result in deals at the start of this year (knock on wood).  I'm also looking forward to working with my authors who still have outstanding submissions or haven't sold a project yet - one of my big, big goals for this year is to make everyone a strong competitor, which sounds like I'm an Olympic coach but actually means that I want all of my authors to feel like they are strong storytellers who are mastering their craft, so to that end, I am taking a page out of Prospect president Emily's book and setting up annual strategy sessions calls with my clients.  Does that sound cheesy?  Beginnings always make me hopelessly cheesy and optimistic.  

Haha, get it?  Optimistic cheese!