Monday, August 26, 2013

Cheers All Around

Cheers #1:  Hooray for Brianna and her deal with Skyhorse!  I am so happy to be able to announce that the first two books in her CHANGED HISTORY series will be published with them (and hopefully more after that).

Cheers #2:  Yay for blurbs!  Dan's first blurb came last week from the lovely Laura Benedict, author of ISABELLA MOON and DEVIL'S OVEN.  For THE CLEARING, she had this to say: "Told in lush, hypnotic prose that perfectly mirrors its mysterious Caribbean landscape, The Clearing is one man's quest for the brutal truth at the heart of his deadly self-deception. Throughout, Dan Newman keeps the lines of suspense tense and razor-sharp. An intoxicating, important debut."  Can a blurb get any better than that? 

Cheers #3:  Brava to authors and editors!  I have awesome authors and great editor friends who hook me up with blurbers...good job, you guys :)  I also had a really lovely coffee date with an editor at Vintage/Random House last week, and she has asked to see some of my submissions, which is always fun.

Cheers #4:  This one is very cheesy, I know, but it needs to be said.  Yay for John, who is an amazingly wonderful boyfriend.  I got to see him this past weekend, and spent the entire time being ridiculously happy.


  1. Wonderful news, all around! Congratulations to you and Brianna and Dan!

    Such a fun photo of you and John!

  2. Cheers all around! I could use one of those beers right around now....

  3. What a great photo! And have Jeff pull me a virtual pint of whatever that beer is, too...

  4. Congratulations to you and Brianna! I love that you're at Skyhorse and can't wait to read her books! Sounds like an amazing week all around. Love your photo, too!

  5. Wow, I can feel all the love sitting here at my computer! Thanks for the support, everyone. We're very pleased to be at Skyhorse as well!