Monday, July 29, 2013

Back Next Monday

I have decided to take a break from blogging, mostly because I was busy cleaning the apartment last week and was away in CT for John's birthday this past weekend, and thus never really got around to writing a blog post for today.

I am also going to be doing a guest post on my author Meghan Masterson's blog this Wednesday, so I think I still technically am fulfilling my blogging duties. 

'Til next week!

Monday, July 22, 2013

All I Do Is Win(dex)

I hate moving.  Even when I'm not the one packing up.  I'm not going to say anything else for fear of stress-induced ranting, but boy will I be glad when all of this is over and done.

My parents were here helping me on Wednesday and I think the state of my apartment gave my mother a heart attack.  To be fair, we spent four hours just cleaning the kitchen, so she had a point.
I'm realizing now that the clock is ticking and my roommates will be moving out very soon, so I have been scrubbing and check-listing and micro-managing ever since...

It looks like karma is rewarding me in the end, though, because my new roommate Tom informed me that a frozen yogurt shop is opening in my building!!  You have no idea how much that excites me.  Along with corned beef hash (which is a weird food to love, I know), I could probably eat frozen yogurt every single day and be happy about it.

John's birthday is this weekend and he is the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends because he is spending his birthday in Queens with me, doing guess  I love you, honey.

Monday, July 15, 2013

There's More to a Book Than Its Pages

Getting the book written and edited is only the start.  This past week, I had a lot of Book 2.0 stuff on my plate: reaching out to potential blurbers for Dan and looking at cover art for Susan. 

I had done this sort of stuff when I was at Writers House, but I kind of forgot it existed.  When you get caught up with licensing the manuscript and negotiating the contact, etc., the extras can move out of your line of sight.  So when Emlyn, Dan's editor, asked me if I could think of any authors to blurb the book, it was kind of like being asked to translate something in Latin (which I took in high school but have completely forgotten).  Luckily, my wonderful editor friends, Sarah Murphy and Wes Miller helped me come up with a list of authors who would be good blurbers for Dan and who they thought would be willing to help out.  I contacted them and, so far, have a couple on board!

And when Stephanie sent over Susan's cover a few days ago, I talked to Susan about her thoughts, polled my fellow Prospectors, and then helped her develop a list of tweaks that she wanted to see done by the designer.  That was a lot of fun, but also made me feel like a fish out of water, because when it comes to artistic creativity it's hard for me to visualize anything other than what I am presented with.  I think Susan's cover is going to be fantastic, though, and am looking forward to seeing what it looks like with her suggested changes implemented.

So basically, last week was a very agent-y week (I also sent out three of my authors' new projects, and am filled with high hopes that the editors reading them will fall in love with them), but I have a feeling that this week is not going to involve a lot of book stuff at all.  

Apartment stuff is still a huge chunk of my life at the moment.  My parents are coming over this Wednesday to help me re-paint the apartment, clean, and putty up all the drilled holes, because they are the best parents ever.  There is a little French bakery in Jackson Heights that they love, so I think I am going to say thank you with Napoleons and Gateau Breton.

Restaurant Week is coming up, as well,  so I will also be busy answering the phones and trying not to lose my temper--because I am a firm believer that there is such a thing as a stupid question, and if I tell you there is only availability after 2:00pm, do not ask me if 1:30pm reservation will work and expect me to say no nicely.   That's a total lie: Of course, I will respond very politely because having a regular paycheck is nice.  :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Roommates, Reading, and 'Ritmatic

Minus the 'rithmatic.  Because I never do math if I can help it.

In a weird, yet welcome turn of events (since it means I will not have to pack anything), I am going to be staying in my Jackson Heights apartment for another year with new Craigslist roommates.  Their names are Pam and Tom and they are very normal, which you might not think possible after reading the word "Craigslist," but they are!  Tom works in the marketing department at New York University Press, which means I will be bugging him for a year to teach me how marketing associates actually determine how authors receive marketing dollars, and Pam is a recruiter at a medical thingamajig who basically looks like taller version of me.

Jackson Heights, whooo!

Yes, it is much easier to be staying in my current apartment, however slightly stressful situations are broiling that involves me trying to do a lot of parlaying and task-mastering between Old Roommates and New Roommates.  Being diplomatic is not really my forte, as I'm sure my authors can tell you from my revision notes.  I am not mean per se, I just like to be able to quickly tell people what works and doesn't work and have them go happily forward from there.

Sarah and Laura are still determined to live in New York, but have decided to take their time finding an apartment and are waiting to move until the fall.  I'm sorry that I won't be able to live with them, but also (not-so) secretly gleeful that I do not have sweat, crushed fingers, and rented U-Hauls in my future anymore.

No, I can't!  And now I won't have to (at least for another year).

As for reading stuff, I was able to knock off revision notes for five projects over the past week, bringing the number of manuscripts I still have to read down to ten.  Three of the five things I did finish looking over are ready to submit, so this week is all about sending them out to editors.

And about puttying drilled holes in walls and shopping for mildew-resistant shower curtain liners and yellow-y/whitish paint.  Ideally from Amazon (don't kill me, editor friends!  I don't buy books on Amazon.).

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Worst and the Best

So this past week I was very lucky to sign two new authors: the wonderful Sara Goodman and Jane Ann McLachlan, whose books I am over the moon about!!

But the excitement of getting two authors that I really wanted was semi-drowned out by the fact that I also made two huge mistakes.

I forgot about a breakfast meeting on Monday with Stephanie Bowen, who is my author Susan Blumberg-Kason's editor, and I completely missed the Manhattanville conference that I was scheduled to speak at on Thursday.

I was able to rectify my mistake with Stephanie by cancelling my other plans and rushing to Le Pain Quotidien, dressed in shorts, flip flops, and lots of sweat, to quickly meet with her before she had to go to her other appointment, and I will hopefully be able to fix my error with the people at Manhattanville by critiquing their writers' manuscripts or doing something else to make up for forgetting to show up.

But I feel awful.

It is not like me to forget such important things and I have no idea why I did.  I spent a good chunk of time this last week crying to people on the phone, and I still feel miserable about it.  I think I would feel a lot better if I could just figure out WHY I messed up so much...