Monday, June 3, 2013

BEA 2013


They look empty in this photo (I don't know why), but those bags are actually full of ARCs.

I got 23 books, 1 Harry Potter poster, 2 tote bags, 2 t-shirts, 1 sheet of stickers...and a partridge in a pear tree!  And I also had to reign myself in from taking more.  You have no idea how much I suffered carrying all of these from the Javits Center to the subway in 90 degree heat.  I completely sympathize with camels now.  All that trekking through the dessert with stuff on your back...

I was also very excited when I went to the Sourcebooks booth and saw these:


When I was at Writers House as an assistant, I helped with revisions for both of these titles.  In fact, right before I left, I read the query for THE PARIS ARCHITECT in Susan's slush pile, requested the manuscript, and forwarded it on to her, so I am veryexcited to see it in print now.  I took ARCs of both books and am looking forward to reading them and seeing how they have changed.

I can't WAIT until I get to see some of my own authors' books on display at BEA next year!!!  (Those exclamation points were unavoidable)

However, I'm holding off on losing myself in all my awesome BEA galleys so that I can first read some of my requested manuscripts.  I have very good feelings about these, and am excited to dig in.


  1. The bags do look empty, that's so funny! Maybe it's because you are carrying them with such joy that it negates all the effort of holding that weight! The camel comment made me laugh. Glad it was such a fun day! (Clearly, I failed on the exclamation mark overusing here, but I think the BEA deserves a few of them). I will look up those two books! (Also deserves excited punctuation since you helped discover them out of the slush).

    1. My cousin's wife is a librarian and was at BEA, so I had her take a picture of me to show off all the stuff I got. The fact that those bags look so empty both astounds and angers me because my sore back begs to differ.

  2. There should be a caption like in a National Geographic magazine: "The rarely photographed eastern seaboard American Pestritto (also known as the Literatus Agentus Fantasticus) seen in its natural habitat." :-)

    Great photo - it's so clear you love your job!



  3. SO JEALOUS. All the cool people went to BEA. It looks like a blast!!!