Monday, May 27, 2013

When Exclamations Go Bad

I recently had some serious communication issues with John when trying to give him the password to my HBO GO account, which led to him texting me this: 

You know, you really abuse exclamation points.

That, when strung together with a comment my author Dan made awhile ago about how I always sound happy even when I'm supposed to be griping, made me go back through my old blog posts and a bunch of my emails and read them all together to gather evidence.

And, well...John and Dan are right.

I sound like a cheerleader.  It's embarrassing to discover that you have a noticeable quirk, and now I feel like I'm going to consciously try to tone it down every time I communicate something to someone who is not my mom (because she's even peppier than I am).  

For instance, you might notice that there are no exclamation points in this post!  DAMN!  Okay, one.  I mean, two.

Moving on: The Backspace conference was this past Friday and it was a lot fun and very intense (I had lots of one-on-one meetings scheduled back-to-back).  It was, however, the mark of the end of my hectic schedule for now, which means I can rest up a little bit until BEA starts on Thursday.  I CAN'T WAIT and already have an empty backpack ready by the door (You have no idea how hard it was not to include an exclamation point there).

I am also going to be working with a lovely new client, Beth Ellyn Finkelstein, another winner of my girly teen fiction contest held on Love YA.  We have been brainstorming on revisions for her YA manuscript, THE INTERN DIARIES for a couple months now, and I am happy that we are going to be officially working together.  I realized that I needed to offer her representation when I found myself enthusiastically talking about her project during a coffee date with an editor from HMH--clearly my brain already assumed that I was representing her.  

So yay for Beth Ellyn, and yay for BEA, and yay for changing my punctuation habits (but maybe not yay quite yet for not sounding like cheerleader).


  1. Heh, I try hard not to use too many exclamations (and NEVER the Interrobang, even though it's got the greatest name in all of punctuation). I'm pretty good about it in stories, but I fail miserably in the less formal world of blog post commentary!

  2. I overuse exclamation points too. It's so bad that when I only use one, people think I'm in a bad mood!! aahh I am SO excited it's official! I love working with you!!!! <--- totally necessary haha :)

  3. I am guilty of overusing exclamation marks too. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one. (I wanted to use one there. It was tough to refrain).

  4. Ha, I've been trying to delete exclamation points from my emails too. (See, I wanted to put one after that sentence.) Congrats to Beth!