Monday, April 29, 2013

The Other Part of My Life

Last week after I successfully bullied one of my authors into starting a blog (okay, not actually bullied, she was quite game for it), she told me that she enjoyed reading my blog before she even signed with me because I wrote from the unique viewpoint of a literary agent just starting out.  She then asked me if I still worked part-time at the restaurant because I haven't posted about it lately.

I don't know why I haven't written about it, because having a behind-the-scenes view of an upscale, Upper East Side restaurant isfascinating.  It's kind of like a more hectic version of Ratatouille with people instead of rats and lots more filing.  There is a whole crazy world of printing menus, answering phones, and on-the-fly decision making existing on the other side of those swinging doors that your waiter comes out of, carrying your perfectly presented entree into the softly-lit, flower-filled dining room.

It's pretty much like this.

I wish someone had a manuscript about it that they could send to me!

My author, Brianna, is going to be staying with me this weekend so that she can attend Prospect Agency's annual Old Stone House Soiree (more about that next week!) and I will be taking her to the restaurant for dinner one night.  I'm looking forward to being on the other side of those swinging doors and sampling the spring menu.  

I already know that the filet mignon and our signature chocolate dessert are wonderful (thanks to all my sous chef friends!), and I'm trying to decide if I want to stick with ordering those items or trying some of the other dishes that I am constantly describing to guests over the phone. We do have a main dish with something called "ramps" in it that I'd be interested to try....anyone know what a ramp tastes like?

This is what ramps look like, which is sort of what I always imagined rampion would look like (aka the food in the witch's garden that Rapunzel's mother intensely craves).


  1. I'm so hungry now! I tried to pretend that my pumpkin muffin was a signature chocolate dessert, but had limited success haha. I have not tried ramps - I'm curious now. Do they use the greens, or the bulbs, or both?

  2. Haha, omg the chocolate dessert is sooo good. It's a hard chocolate box that is filled with some kind of chocolate-hazelnut mousse and a bunch of other good things.

    Not sure what part of the ramp they use...I guess I might find out soon!

  3. How fun! I love the new blog and can't wait to hear about the Old Stone House Soiree. The restaurant sounds uber cool, too. I've had ramps before, but for the life of me can't remember what they taste like. When I was in DC last month, I had a dish based on nettles, which sounded like something out of a fairy tale. It turned out to be another green vegetable.