Monday, April 22, 2013

New Author!

Got a new author this weekend, yaay!  If you read my Google+ page,  you know that this weekend, I was reading a revised manuscript that I had previously requested from an author.  Actually, she is one of the winners of my girly manuscript contest that I held on Love YA, so that's pretty awesome.

Here she is!

Her name is Kristin Lenz and she has written a fantastic coming-of-age YA novel called ON THE FRINGE.  It is about a girl named Dani, who is stuck in the foster care system due to her mother's spiraling addiction problems.  A la Pretty in Pink, she meets the boy of her dreams: a charming, rich boy named Cam who sees her for who she is.  She struggles to have her romance with him and also navigate problems with her mother, unaware that her quiet, history classmate Todd is also falling for her.  But Cam starts becoming increasingly jealous and controlling, and after he convinces her to break one of the foster care home's biggest rules, she is forced to make some serious decisions: Cam or Todd?  Her mother or herself?

I'm really psyched to be working with this author!  I'm mailing out our author-agency agreement this week for her to sign, and working on my other authors' revisions in the meantime!