Monday, March 25, 2013

Bologna, London, Frankfurt, Oh My!

It is always around this time of the year that I start to get super jealous of foreign rights agents, like our wonderful agent, Whitney Lee of the Fielding Agency.

She is off to Bologna this week for the rights fair and then to London for theirs, and I wish I could finagle a way to go myself!  There are three major rights fairs that occur every year in Bologna, London, and Frankfurt.  These book fairs are basically where A LOT of foreign rights licensing gets started.  There is a great article on about last year's Bologna book fair that I really enjoyed reading.

This year, Whitney will be including two of my clients' books (THE LOOKING GLASS by Jessica Arnold and THE CLEARING by Dan Newman) in her catalog of available titles .  Apparently a scout contacted her in regards to Dan's book, and I know that Jessica had French interest after her deal was announced, so I have high hopes that some foreign contracts will be coming my way!!

P.S. Just signed a new client with an AWESOME YA trilogy!  I'm really excited to start working with Lauren on her books about a re-imagined world where the South wins the Civil War and creates an isolated society filled with even worse prejudices and an underground world of voodoo.

Oh and if you're interested in learning a fun nerd fact about me, check about my +1 More Thing post!


  1. Awesome! Fingers crossed! Both for the foreign contracts, and that you'll someday get to go to the Bologna book fair.

  2. Great news!! My fingers are crossed, too. Your new client sounds amazing. I'm so intrigued!

  3. Good luck and congratulations!