Friday, December 28, 2012

Tis Better to Give than to Receive

No kidding!  Gift giving is my crack.  I LOVE shopping and finding the perfect gift for someone, wrapping it in pretty paper, anticipating how excited they are going to be because I am a Gift Master, and then getting to see them unwrap it.  

I told you I tend to get a little overexcited and give my gifts in advance, and then I go out and buy substitute gifts that I also usually ending up giving before the appointed time, creating a present-giving cycle of doom that ends depending how early I purchased the original present.  ::Draws breath::

Well, my mom got three early Christmas gifts this year and my dad got two.  John got nothing ahead of time because I had no idea what to get him besides his actual Christmas present and didn't want to get myself into a brain-wracking situation.

Getting geared up now for New Year's Eve (aka my birthday!) and turning twenty-six years old.  Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a breakdown.  I thought it would happen last year for my 25th, but I was surprisingly okay with that age milestone.  I think 26 is going to hit hard because that is going to be when I change from my early- to mid-twenties to my mid- to late-twenties.  And I think we all know how much older that sounds.

What's up, sister.

P.S.  Insanely awesome news: There is film interest in both Dean's and Dan's books, MURDEROUS MINDS and THE CLEARING, respectively.  I am so excited to see how this plays out!!! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown, CT

I spent most of the weekend, not wrapping presents and reading manuscripts like I thought I would, but glued to my laptop, watching ABC news and reading updates about the school shooting in Newtown, CT, while wiping tears from my eyes.

An image of children leaving the school from The Newtown Bee.

This is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever heard about.  John called me on Friday morning and told me what had happened and all I could think about for a minute was "Thank God it wasn't at my mother's school."  My mother is a first grade teacher in Middletown, CT and thinking about her and her students in danger gave me a fractional amount of insight into how the parents with children at Sandy Hook Elementary must have felt when they heard what had happened.

My heart goes out to all those parents and children, and I know when I go home for Christmas I will do what President Obama mentioned in his address and hug my mom that much tighter when I see her, as well as the rest of my family and loved ones.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Contracts Contracts Everywhere

So many contracts!  Dan's editor, Emlyn, just sent the contract for THE CLEARING for me to look over, and I'm still negotiating the contracts for Dean's MURDEROUS MINDS, and Jessica's THE LOOKING GLASS.  I haven't had Dean's contract for too long, and there have been a lot of changes with Jessica's so I'm very busy trying to remember everything I learned from Sean Fodera's contract session way back when.

I'm so glad that I have Emily (our agency president).  I have to go on an admiration rant for a minute and say that she is the best mentor a girl could ask for!  She's been wonderful helping me navigate my way down Literary Agent Road (and Contract Cul-de-Sac) and I don't know where I would be without her.  Well, I wouldn't be at Prospect for starters...

It's a really interesting story, actually.  Emily (and most of the other agents at Prospect) are all former Writers House assistants!  When I stumbled on to the Prospect website and learned this, I was incredibly impressed.  I couldn't imagine just going off and starting an agency all by myself, so I emailed Emily telling her how much I admired her and asking her if she had any advice about how to best move forward in my career. 

And she emailed me back with a job offer.  She said she was looking to add another agent to the agency, and would I like to come by and meet with her? 

Crazy, right?  Crazy lucky!!

My mom's Irish, so I think this applies...

Okay, back to contract stuff for a little while and then I'm getting ready to go out, because today is John's and my one-year anniversary!  Cue the music and dim the lights!  It's about to get romantic...after I finish these contract notes...

P.S.  Had a brush with literary greatness this week when I confirmed Salman Rushdie's brunch reservation at the restaurant :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dan, Dan, He's the Man!

Best way to kick off the holiday season (besides already having all your Christmas shopping done - yeahhh!):  Selling a book!

I am excited to get to report that I have an offer for Dan's creepily fantastic manuscript, THE CLEARING!  I'm working on finalizing details with the publisher, so I won't say anything else at the moment except that I am sooo happy for Dan - this deal is very much deserved.  He is an amazing writer who has done a lot of work to get this story polished and perfect.

Trying to hussle together a couple more deals before holiday craziness/backlog sweeps the industry.  Crunch time!  

Also, I signed a new client today.  She has an awesome adult historical fiction manuscript about Blackbeard, which I absolutely LOVE...I've noticed that I'm taking on a lot of historical fiction projects.  My inner history buff seems to be coming out in full force!

P.S.  Have you read the news about Simon & Schuster?  Not sure how I feel about this one...