Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Great Dates

So the update is: It turns out that I LOVE speed dating!  I went to the ECC agent/editor "speed networking" event last week and had such a great time!  Every single editor there was incredibly cool, and it was a lot of fun talking about our common interests.  I left with more business cards than I know what to do with - thankfully the ECC committee gave us a sheet with everyone's contact info and with room next to each person's name to take notes about their acquisition interests, otherwise I doubt I would be able to remember who goes with what name!

This is where the speed networking took place.  It was kind of like musical chairs mixed with some kind of advertising game.

We were up on the second floor of this little bar called The Australian, which was set up with lots of little tables and booths, and every two minutes, the agents had to rotate to another table/booth and "speed date" a new editor.  I left feeling like I had just been at a rock concert: my throat was sore from yelling and I was a little deaf from all the noise!

It was also great because two of my friends and former colleagues from Writers House were there!  I bumped into Alec Shane as we were both signing in and hollered across the room (unsuccessfully) at Brianne Johnson, who I ended up just tackling at the end of the night.  It was really nice to catch up with them and hear how things are back at Writers House.

I had a great weekend with John at the Big E, too!  He won me a stuffed monkey coming out of a banana peel (We named him Jorge) and when we came home, we made our own pickles!  One of John's friends told him how to pickle things, so my mom has four jars of pickled cucumbers and green beans in her fridge for the next month or so.

This is Jorge!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hurrah for Psychopaths!

I am thrilled announce that I have an offer for IMAGING EVIL, a non-fiction proposal by my client, Dr. Dean Haycock.  The book explores recent discoveries about what MRI scans of the brains of psychopaths can reveal about brain function in these pathologically evil people.

Dean is a great writer with a fascinating subject and I am happy that we have found an editor who recognizes that!  

An example of a psychopath.  Not one featured in Dean's book, but still ;)

An awesome part of being an agent is when you get to call your client with news like this.  Dean has been waiting a long time while various editors read the proposal over the summer, so it was very gratifying to be able to call him and let him know that his patience and effort is being rewarded!

Although I have changed my mind about giving myself a purse-reward after finding a publisher for Dean (I was at Bloomingdale's the other day, and John and his little brother made fun of every single handbag I picked up), I am rewarding myself in another way this weekend: with the Big E.

It's like Disneyland for New England.

For those of you who grew up outside of New England, the Big E, or the Eastern States Exposition, is basically the biggest, most amazing fair in the entire world.  My parents used to take me every year and we would eat our way through the statehouses.  I already have my plan: clam chowder in the Rhode Island statehouse, hot dogs in Connecticut, cider doughnuts in Vermont, baked potatoe in Maine, fudge in New Hampshire, and a maple cream cone in Massachusetts.  

John has never been so I'm dragging him this year, even though he seems less than enthused about my fantastic food plan.  Is he in for a surprise.  We're going to leave there fat and happy and wishing we had bought two-day passes!

P.S.  Later this week, I will be attending an agent/editor "speed dating" event.  I'll let you know how that goes - I feel like it's either going to be totally awesome and I'll have a ton of new editors to submit projects to or the most awkward thing ever.  After all, we book nerds aren't known for being particularly adept with social graces.  For instance, me hiding in a bathroom stall at a Columbia MFA mixer until more people showed up comes to mind...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Vive la France!

Whitney Lee, our foreign rights agent, had some exciting news for me this past week: She received a request in France for THE LOOKING GLASS!  Yay!!  Possibly my first foreign rights sale!!  I (and obviously Jessica, too) am very excited about the thought of seeing both French and English editions of THE LOOKING GLASS.  I haven't read anything in French sinceLe Petit Prince in high school, but if Jessica's book get published in French, I am going to make an attempt to dust off my language skills and read the translation.

Other stuff going on this week: well, lots of lunch dates, which are always fun!  I'm meeting with editors from Penguin and St. Martin's this week and phone-meeting an editor at Harlequin.

Also, STILL waiting to hear about THIEVES WHO CHANGED HISTORY and IMAGING EVIL.  Hopefully the publishing karma gods will reward me with wonderful deals for both projects (my boss, Emily, was waiting all summer to hear back about offers for a project of hers and now has a spectacular deal with an amazing publishing house!).  I've already decided that if I do get offers for these projects, I am going to reward myself for dealing with the stress of waiting for so long.  Probably with a purse. 

HA! I wish.

In other news, I'm reading some great manuscripts that I found in my submission box.  Both are middle grade/YA historical fiction and so far, I'm loving them both!  One is about the story of a young Danish girl during the 1883 Krakatoa volcanic eruption in the Dutch East Indies, and the other is about the interweaving narratives of young members of warring African tribes.  I can't wait to see how they end!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guess I'm Going to Go Eat Worms

I am now officially friendless in New York.  Okay, not really.  But one of my best friends, Sarah, is leaving to move to California.  She is road-tripping across the country--stopping at really fun sounding places, like Charleston, Nashville, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and San Diego--and then going to work in the film industry in LA.  She was my last best friend still in New York.  Erin is in Korea (for now) and is planning to backpack around the globe, Grace is in grad school in Chicago, Darienne is in med school in San Francisco.  What the hell, guys?!  When we were graduating from Amherst, you were all about moving to New York!  What happened to the plan??

I have to say though, I am really proud of Sarah for moving to LA like this, especially because I would be terrified to move somewhere so far away and unfamiliar by myself.  I think part of me wishes I were brave like Sarah and Erin and were traveling around the country/world.

I studied abroad at Oxford for a year and loved getting to travel to so many new and different places.  I've always hoped that I'll be able to do something like that again.  John wants to travel, too, so maybe someday we can do something where we go to a new place every year.  I never got to Rome and I've always dreamed about seeing Egypt and exploring all over China. 

The hanging monastery in China.  How amazing is that??

There are places in the US that I've always wanted to visit, too: Jackson Hole, Charleston, Napa, Dallas, Twin Lakes.

Jackson Hole.  I want to breathe this air.

P.S. I'm really excited about an author that I just offered representation to!  Her name is Gabrielle and she's written a really great middle grade manuscript that alternates between the last day of Anne Frank and another German-Jewish girl named Lotte, who is an evacuee living in Oxford!