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These are my incredible authors!  Click on their pictures to go to their blogs/websites to learn more about them.  If there isn't a link, that means they either don't have a site (and you should bug them to get one!) or they are keeping it secret from me (and you should bug them to tell me!).

Jessica Arnold  Susan Blumberg-Kason  Bridget Baker    Dorcas Cheng-Tozun  Jeff Scott Cole    Tara Deliberto  Brianna DuMont  Beth Ellyn Summer  Sara Confito  Dean A. Haycock  Esther Harder  Sara K. Joiner  Suzanne Kamata  J. Larkin  Kristin Lenz  Meghan Masterson  Jane Ann McLachlan  Susan V. Meyers  Rachel Mork  Dan Newman  Jeff O'Handley  Erin Peabody  Kara Tatelbaum  Nicole Trilivas  Gabrielle Small Tullman  Taylor Zajonc    Donna Scott  Christina Matula-Häkli  Nicole Pomer  Anne O'Brien Carelli  Marlo Mack  Alana Delacroix  Robyn Gigl  Melissa Nichols Nesbitt  Marcus Alexander Hart  Brian Zepka               


  1. Hi, I'm representing my wife who is an author of a new magical realism book (mostly adult market) and of several children's and educational books. She is searching for an agent and would like to speak with some one who represents this genre. If you know of someone who is an up and coming MR agent, please contact me. Thank you.

    1. Hi James. Sorry to reply to this so late...your best bet when researching agents is to go on a site like Writers Digest and search for agents whose interests align with your wife's writing. Best of luck!