Monday, September 17, 2018

Tip Time

This month's tip a pretty standard one, but it is worth highlighting because I see people disregarding it ALL. THE. TIME: follow an agent's submission rules!!

When I was at Prospect, in order to submit you had to fill out an online form that asked you a bunch of questions about yourself and your manuscript.  Sometimes people would get fed up with the process and email me directly instead...and I would delete their query.  Now that I'm at LDLA, we require authors to submit to us via our query email, but I still get plenty of people who email me directly or do even weirder things like send me a Facebook message...and I delete their query.

You see where I'm going with this, yes?  It might be annoying or a pain to do something other than copy and paste a query into an email or just reach out to the first contact-able thing you can find via Google, but following directions when submitting to agents is key.  

First of all, doing so shows you can follow directions and respect our time, which is huge!  

Secondly, we all have these procedures in place for a reason, not just to see how many hoops we can make you jump through (otherwise, I would have a rule that all queries be accompanied with a box of truffles and an original dance video) and if you vary, it can throw off our system for getting through the XXX amount of submissions we see each day--you can see my intern's guest post for my own query averages.

This is also a snowball situation, where if we let one person break the rules, we begin the descent into chaos where we're allowing people to pitch their novel to us in the bathroom at Whole Foods.  Just kidding...kind of.  I do remember a friend telling me about a conference where the organizers had to specifically instruct attendees not to pitch agents in the bathroom, which I would have thought would be a given.

Anyway, that is my tip for the month.  Use it well! 