Monday, August 27, 2018

Tip Time

This month's tip is about choosing strong critique partners!

There are times when I've talked with both authors and clients about manuscript revisions/overhauls only to be told, "Huh, that's funny.  My CPs said everything was great."  

That, to me, should be the death knell of your writing group.

Of course, there WILL be a time when everything in your manuscript is great, but if I'm still spotting opportunities for improvement, so should they!  It's essential that your critique partners aren't yes men and that (as their name implies) they are critical readers with good knowledge of your genre and of the publishing industry.

Feeling comfortable with your CPs is important, too, but placing a higher priority on being friends is not going to do you any good in the long run.  You want smart readers who will challenge you and respectfully push you to make your work the best it can be and suited for the marketplace, not ones who tell you everything you do is perfect and no improvements are necessary!  That's what your mom is for!

There will pretty much always be room for improvement--your manuscript will go through rounds of edits you do on your own and with your CPs, and then again with your agent, and then again with your editor!  Making sure you have the right people to give you opinions from the get-go means you'll have a more polished, finished product by the time you get to agent and editor rounds--and that you'll leave us feeling deeply impressed by your skills!