Monday, August 20, 2018

The Joys of Agenting

This month has been a really great one for me!  I got an awesome deal for EM Castellan's IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN, which I've been describing as a YA Versailles with magic (makes you squeal, doesn't it?).  

I've also gotten to see covers for Shauna Holyoak's upcoming MG debut, KAZU JONES AND THE DENVER DOGNAPPERS, and Kalyn Josephson's upcoming YA fantasy, THE STORM CROW.  I love both of these covers soooo much--they're fantastic!  I can't share Kalyn's just yet, but Shauna's had it's cover reveal at the start of the month and it looks like this:

Too cute for words, right?  

It's been nice to have a fairly relaxing month, since the summer has been chaotic for me up until this point.  And also always fun to have a chance to step back and appreciate the elements that make working in publishing so rewarding!