Monday, September 11, 2017

Workhorse Is Going to the Fair

Whoo!  Has this summer been crazy!  I think it was was the busiest one yet.  Last week, I was on Publishers Marketplace, and noticed I had the following rankings:

That is obviously super cool, but also is DEFINITELY not indicative of my actual agent ranking, since I know there are many other stronger agents with more impressive reputations and sales than me at the moment (someday I might get there!).  What I think this does show is that recently, I have been a total workhorse and it's paying off with lots of deals--yay!  Oh, and that I have absolutely incredible interns, whose help is invaluable.

That's me!

Now that it's fall, I'm hoping the workhorse trend will continue, because I always love new deals, but also that I'll get to relax a bit and enjoy my favorite season.  For the past five summers, I've been telling myself that I'll go to the beach and it hasn't happened, but I am vowing not to let the same fate befall the fall!  I'm going to get back to New England to enjoy fair season no matter what!