Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy Pub Day!

Tomorrow is the pub day for Alana Delacroix's MASKED POSSESSION!  I love, love, love this book and am so excited to have Alana talk to you about it!  It is such a unique premise--it is about a half-shifter named Caro Yeats, who works at a supernatural PR firm and the steamy romance and adventure that occurs when she is assigned to work for the shifter king!  Be sure to pick up your copy ASAP!

Tell us about the book!

Set in modern Toronto, MASKED POSSESSION is a paranormal romance about Caro, a half-masquerada who wants nothing to do with her supernatural side. Through her PR job she meets Eric, a masquerada king facing deadly problems, and the two need to trust enough to fight against a vicious enemy who threatens them both. Masquerada are beings who can shift into any human form.
It’s the first in my Masked Arcana series. Masked Desire, which tells the story of masquerada council leader Michaela Chui and the very attractive exiled fey Cormac Redoak, comes out in 2018.

How did you come up with the idea for this series and where do you draw inspiration for characters and plot?

Most of my ideas begin with a “What if?”. For MASKED POSSESSION, it was, “What if there was a PR agency for supernatural beings?” I was also in the middle of reading Frank Herbert’s Dune series and was fascinated by the Face Dancers, mimics who can take on the appearance of other people. The two ideas melded to form the basic sense of the story.

I knew I wanted both Caro and Eric to be a mix of tough and vulnerable, but I really don’t know where I draw inspiration for my characters! I have a bad habit of staring at people in public and wondering what they’re doing and why, so I think I pull little bits of personality from what I imagine.

As for the plot, I’m a pantser who’s trying hard to be more of a plotter. For MASKED POSSESSION, I knew the general idea of what I wanted, wrote a half-page summary, and then started drafting. It took longer for me to edit than write it!

What was the hardest part of getting your book published that most people don’t realize?

Definitely the waiting. It was about a year from signing the contract with Kensington (thank you, Carrie!) until getting the book published. This was also my first time working on multiple projects at once: editing MASKED POSSESSION; writing MASKED DESIRE (the second of the trilogy); editing two other books I want to sell; and coming up with a new proposal. Plus the day job. I have multiple to-do lists.

How do you think your manuscript has changed since you started working with your editor?

Esi asked me to delve much deeper into the emotional aspects of the characters, wanting to know more about how they would feel in specific situations. Her comments resulted in far more compelling characters. I also realized too many filler words, particularly “just”. She definitely helped me become more aware of those writing tics.

What have you had to do to promote your book?  What kind of social media do you think has been the most important in publicizing MASKED POSSESSION?

Kensington provided a very comprehensive marketing plan for me to follow, which was amazing. I also did some of my own, such as creating bookmarks and postcards for events.

I think it’s best to promote on the channels you’re most comfortable with. For me, those are Twitter and Instagram – I was never a big Facebook user. I send out information to groups I belong to, such as RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal group, the Kensington romance group and other authors I know. They’re a huge support. And I updated my website, so check it out at