Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Pub Day!

Tomorrow is the pub day of the third book in Shana Figueroa's Valentine Shepherd seriesRECKONING.  I just love this quirky, kick-ass romance—and if you've read the other two books, you know just how crazy awesome these books are!  I'm so happy to have Shana here to talk to us about this book and you all should be sure to pre-order your copy today!!

Tell us a bit about this book and its relationship to the first two books in the series.

This is the third book in the Valentine Shepherd series starring Val and Max—the same couple from the first two books, which I know is rare for a romance series. The first two books focused on the initial relationship between Val and Max, and how they overcame both internal and external obstacles to grow as people and be able to love one another. The third book jumps ahead five years to find the couple settled into marital bliss with two children. The story explores how they’ve changed, and what happens when their bond is tested to its limit.

What is one of your favorite plot twists in the book?
Many characters in this series have motivations they hold close to the chest, so there are oodles of plot twists throughout the story as various plans unfold. So many to choose from! However, my favorite is the one on the very last page of the book, where you learn that one initially despicable character is more noble than he seems.

How has it been writing about these characters for three books?  Are you ready to move on to something new or would you be happy to continue the series?

I’ve loved creating characters that are so complicated! I enjoy writing in the gray zone where nobody’s totally good or totally evil, and I’ll continue to do that with each book I write. Though I’ve loved every second creating the Valentine Shepherd universe, I’m ready to move on to something new.

In fact, I’m almost done with the first draft of a totally new novel, a science fiction YA(ish) story about two battled-hardened soldiers from the future who are thrown back in time into their teenaged bodies in our present day. As they try to figure out what’s going on—and grapple with their growing attraction to each other—they begin receiving orders to kill. Should they obey like the good soldiers they’re supposed to be, or resist and risk destroying the future?

What are some of your favorite romance novels?  Were any of them an inspiration when writing this series?

One of my favorite romance stories is Traveling Light by Carole Matthews. In it, a British woman hooks up with an American guy while she’s on a trip through Asia a few weeks before her wedding. It has a beautiful one-paragraph description of when they first make love in a monastery, which is an example of masterful writing achieving what pages of explanation could not. I adore the idea of finding love on an exotic road trip with someone you just click with—which is basically what happens in VENGEANCE—and cheered when the heroine finally called off her wedding.

Do you have any quirks when it comes to your writing process (e.g. do you have to write at night or while wearing lucky socks)?

I have this habit where I twirl my hair a lot when I’m thinking. My mom says it makes me look crazy, so I try not to do it in public. It’s just so soft!

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