Monday, May 15, 2017

Prom, Cats, and Books!

I was home last weekend for Mother's Day and also for my brother-in-law's prom, which was really cute!  Or I guess I shouldn't say cute, because that isn't very teen-appropriate.  Micheal's prom was really wavy

Even though we had a really full weekend, I still managed to make a decent dent into my queries and requested a handful of partials that I'm looking forward to reading!  Other than that, my week was pretty laid back.  We bought a laser toy for our cats, so the majority of our weekday entertainment involved ordering pizza and watching them lose their minds.  And because I love you guys, please see below for your viewing pleasure...

Oh yeah, and I've been bugging my editor friends for ARCs of the BEA books I've been reading about in Buzz Books.  I already got MR ROCHESTER and was reading it on the train back and forth...I can't wait to get the others!!!!

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  1. When I want to drive my cat really insane, I take a glass of water and hold it up to the sunlight so the light refracts in rainbow spots all over the walls. Then I spin and twirl the glass like a disco ball and watch her attempt to attack all the light all at once. :D