Monday, May 8, 2017

I Am a Magpie

Hi, everyone!  So this past week, I registered for BEA, which as many of you know, is my hands-down favorite publishing event of the year.  In preparation for the glory that is to come, I downloaded the 2017 BEA Buzz Books, booklets with excerpts of upcoming adult and young adult titles that are generating a lot of excitement in the community.  The books are free to download and I highly recommend them!!  

As I was reading, I started making a list of the ones that blew me away:
...and now I feel like a thwarted magpie.

It's me!

I think that literary agents are, by nature, magpies, because we love collecting all the beautiful, shiny writing and authors that cross our paths.  I have built up an awesome hoard of shiny authors, but I always want more, and reading through the Buzz excerpts made me simultaneously want to pre-order the books and steal the authors.  It's good, though, because now I feel super energized to dive into all the queries that I've been letting pile up lately.  If you download the books, let me know which authors/stories you would steal if you could!!