Monday, April 24, 2017

Wheeling and Dealing

Spring has sprung!  I've been so happy with the gorgeous, warm weather that has been gracing the city, and have been making an effort to enjoy being outdoors more.  I've even been thinking about getting leashes for the cats and taking them to Central Park... 

When I was talking about all the submissions I have out last week, I forgot to announce another great thing: I have two new clients, the wonderful Shauna Holyoak and Kalyn Josephson!  This news-sharing is coming a bit late in the game, but I love, love, love their projects and am pumped up to be going into the summer with new things to work on.  Shauna's project actually just sold to Disney-Hyperion in my FIRST EVER "very nice deal," so I am over-the-moon pumped!!!!!!!

Which leads us to...DEALS!  I sold Shauna's book to Disney, Taylor Zajonc's new thriller THE MAW to Skyhorse, and LZ Marie's  sexy mythology short story collection to Cleis pretty much one after the other!  That was an awesome three days 

I was so worried at the start of the year that I was moving too slow, but now it seems like things are being sent out and selling left and right

Good thing I have so many AMAZING manuscripts on my roster!


  1. Congrats Carrie. Happy to see your clients finding great homes for their books. All the best with Spring. I hate the idea of leashing cats. Though I guess it's safer?

  2. Cheers for "very nice" deals and more to come! Welcome and congrats to Shauna and Kalyn!

  3. There are some things in this world that just never look quite right. Cat on a leash is one of them. Beats losing the cat, or having it roam around and eat a lot of birds, thougn.

    Congrats on the "Very nice deal" and all the others, and welcome to Shauna and Kalyn!

  4. Such a great week, yay for all the deals! Congrats, Shauna, Azlyn, and Taylor!

  5. I walked my cat on a leash long ago, when we lived in an apartment complex that didn't allow pets to roam freely. When I say I "walked the cat," I mean I followed the cat as she stalked through the grass, hid in the bushes, sniffed around the trunks of trees and contemplated climbing them, and then bolted home at the faintest bark of the chihuahua next door.

    IMO, leashing a cat isn't any weirder than leashing a dog. People just aren't used to seeing it, like they're not used to seeing men wearing kilts or women wearing neckties. Well, I defy our canine-normative society and say to kitties everywhere, "You rock that leash!"

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