Monday, February 27, 2017

Writing/Story Match Quiz

I was really happy to see that the quiz I did a few weeks ago was popular with everyone, and after thinking about it, I decided to do another! Now that you've taken a look to see how our work styles, etc. might mesh, I thought it would be fun to see if our writing and story preferences are a match, too!

  1. What kind of topics do you like to write about?

  2. Interesting time periods or people
    Strong characters
    Unusual premises
  3. What writing style do you think is best?

  4. Quirky
    Commercial and fast-paced
    Clipped and sparse
  5. How much guidance do you need to improve your writing?

  6. I need someone to guide me with specific examples and line edits
    A detailed editorial letter is all I need
    Several rounds of edits with written feedback and phone calls
    Some phone conversations--if I can get an idea of what needs to change, I can take it from there
    No guidance--I prefer not to have my agent comment on my writing
  7. What kind of character is your favorite?

  8. Fiesty women
    Dark protagonists
    Unsung heroes
    Curious children
    Unreliable narrators
  9. What do you think is most important about voice?

  10. It should be minimal and isn't the most important feature of the writing
    It should be neutral
    It should be tailored to fit the story
    It should guide the narrative and immediately immerse the reader in the story
    It should be unique and distinctive
  11. What kind of imagery do you usually use?

  12. Sparse and infrequent
    Delicate and thoughtfully placed
    Whatever comes to me as I’m writing
    Specific and full
    Flowery and immersive
I hope you had fun filling this out! Click the "Grade Me" button below to get your results!