Monday, December 5, 2016


I am feeling so energized!!  It's very welcome after a few weeks of just wanting to hit snooze over and over, so to celebrate I've started my annual strategy sessions with my authors, phone calls I do every year to talk about plans, goals, etc. for the year ahead!  

I normally wait to start them after the holidays, but I wanted to take advantage of my alertness and also now that I'm balancing two full-time gigs, I wanted to get a head start since I have a feeling it's going to take longer to get them done than it has in the past.

Thanks to all the Excel training I've been getting at Cambridge, I was able to pump things up this year with a fancy Google Excel calendar to book everything.  Look at it!  Isn't it so cool?

On top of that, I got all my shopping done during Black Friday, so I am finishing 2016 with a extra-productive bang!  Now I just need to finish up all my contest reading and I can head into the unknown that is turning 30 years old with a light heart.