Monday, November 14, 2016

George Orwell's 2017?

Instead of talking about what's going on in my corner of the world this week, I want to share an excerpt from my client Brian Zepka's YA manuscript, GETTING ACROSS.  Here is a brief blurb about the project:

Parker Hernandez has a secret.  In a near future America, a wall has been built across the border, shutting out illegal immigrants and housing the military personnel and families needed to maintain order.  Adopted from Mexico before the shutdown, Parker lives on the Wall with his family and best friend Crew.  Although he goes to school and is preparing for his ascension to the cadet ranks of the Border Task Force, at night, he sneaks under the Wall to help children like himself cross into Texas.
Fueled by the desire to find a friend he left behind, Parker finds solace helping others and clings to his hope that someday it will be his friend Gabby he helps cross.  But when he finally gets a clue about her whereabouts from one of the people he helps, it is just as new security measures are enacted at the Wall, forcing him to go farther into Mexico than he ever has before to retrieve the next group for crossing and find out more about where Gabby is.
With help from Crew, he makes to his destination, but this crossing will prove to be the most elaborate and dangerous one he has ever done...and there are no guarantees he will make it back.

And here is the excerpt:

“Names and IDs please,” one says.

“Are you kidding? We live here,” Crew responds, irritated. He attempts to walk through them but one guard puts his hand on Crew’s chest and pushes him back. Crew shoots me a look of disbelief.  
“Sorry, son. Increased security measures due to the president’s expected arrival.”
We concede and hand over our IDs.
The U.S. Border Task Force operates the border wall system along the U.S. –  Mexican border and are responsible for keeping the millions of migrants in the adjacent regions from spilling into the United States. They also help guard the Isthmus of Panama Wall.

After the migrant crisis was left unsolved in the 21st century and conflict continued to escalate across the world, millions of people were displaced in their own countries and began fleeing to other areas. Destination countries tried to deal with the massive influxes of people, but at some point it became too much of a burden. It was too late. The government systems were overwhelmed. The United States shut down their Citizen and Immigration Services and stopped accepting any kind of humanitarian visas—no refugees, no asylum seekers, no one.
Other developed nations followed suit and groups of countries partnered together and constructed walls along their borders to keep the migrants out.
The walls kept the people out but they also created confined regions where large numbers of people became trapped with nowhere to go. There were eight walls built in total over a period of fifty years that literally divided the world.      

In America, small towns were built into the sides of the Wall around each of the Border Towers to house the workers and their families, which is why I, Crew, Hawi, and many others live here. Everyone who lives on the Wall works for the Wall. Including my dad, who’s Head of the Border Task Force for the Texas Region of the Mexican Border. He works to keep the people out. And I bring them in. But he doesn’t know that.  

This manuscript was written before Trump even announced he was running.  It stuns me that we are now living in a YA post-apocalyptic novel.   

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  1. "It stuns me that we are now living in a YA post-apocalyptic novel. "

    This may well be the single most succinct description of our situation I have seen yet.