Monday, August 8, 2016

Exciting News

So here is all my exciting news (in list form!)

1. Deal! Lauren Smith's dragon shifter trilogy is finding its home with Lizzie Poteet at SMP Swerve and I couldn't be happier! 🐉

2. Almost Deal!  I have another three-book deal in the works that I'm hoping to finalize this week.  I'm on fire with paranormal romance lately 😀

3. New author!  Remember that sad list I have of authors I really, really loved but didn't get?  Well, I get to scratch one of them off the list, because I signed the amazing LZ Marie, whose historical fiction about Nero's poisoner I read a couple years ago.  Soooo thrilled she is now mine!!!

4. I got to see Late Night!  I won tickets to see Late Night With Seth Meyers last Wednesday and it was awesome :)  Allllmost makes up for the fact that I have yet to win tickets to Shakespeare in the Park or Hamilton.  


  1. Big week! Congrats to you and Lauren, almost congratulations on the three-book deal, welcome to LZ, and there's still time to score tickets to the other things!

  2. Go, Team Carrie, go! Who says publishing shuts down in the summer, right? It's open for Carrie Pestritto, that's for sure!

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