Monday, August 15, 2016

Cats & Deals

I should start off this blog by first saying that I am over the moon about a new deal that I hinted at last week.  Alana Delacroix's Shifting Love paranormal romance trilogy is going to be published at Kensingston Lyrical and I'm sooooo psyched!!!!  It's an amazing book that reads like a thriller, with an investigative journalist who has retired from the reporting life after a vicious attack and now works at a PR firm, where a new client inadvertently brings her back into contact with the criminal who attacked her...she just happens to be a half shifter and her client is the sexy shifter king of North America.  Go, Alana!!

I also signed the wonderful Rie Neal, whose MG book, THE FIRST MARTIAN, is about the first boy born on the Mars Research Dome and what happens when a reality TV show crew and a shuttle filled with new inhabitants for the dome--including a girl his age--arrive on the planet.

And in other news...cats!!!  I am the proud momma of two adorable little kittens, Ivan and Nori, who are Egyptian Mau mixes.  They are so cute!  Ivan is very exuberant and a little nuts and Nori is a bit of a scaredy cat who loves finding small cuddly spaces.  The rest of this post is just going to be cat pictures so you can all start your week off with lovable fluffiness   Also, we made them an awesome cat tent that we found from a DIY post online if anyone wants to make their tiny pet a new home!