Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm Doing Awesome

Okay, so last week I learned that I have a very odd taste in memes.  I showed pretty much everyone the one I posted last week and most I got was a half-chuckle from my dad, which taught me no more jokes.  Either that, or really push my weird sense of humor on everyone until they think it's funny in a Stockholm Syndrome kind of way.

Humor aside, I am KILLING IT lately.  No new deals to report yet--although there is one in the works!!!!-- but I have been a reading and email machine, thanks to Tracy and coffee and the fact that I've been ignoring my submissions, which I'm going to take care of this week (I'm sorry, anyone who has been waiting on me!).

I also have another new romance client, the fabulous Lauren Smith!  We have the same talking speed (fast) and the same work timetable (always)...ooooo, maybe we even have the same sense of humor!  I haven't tried the meme out on her yet.  Even if it doesn't make her laugh, I am very excited to be representing her and her super sexy novels.  My romance list has bulked up quite a bit lately, which is so much fun considering RWA is around the corner!

Said yes to a bunch of writing contests and conferences, too, that I completely forgot about until I got the reminder emails, so I'm looking forward to a pretty full summer.  My dad's birthday is this week and he's gotten really into adult coloring books, so I am headed back to CT with plenty in tow.  They are only like a dollar each on Amazon, so I bought quite a few.

Hope everyone else has a great week and enjoys the start of summer!  Now that I think about how buzzed I'm feeling, sunshine and warmth probably has a lot to do with that, in additional to all those checks my to do list is getting.