Monday, June 20, 2016

Big Indie Love + Tiny NYC Apartments

I'm so happy to report that Suzanne Kamata's THE MERMAIDS OF LAKE MICHIGAN is making its home with Wyatt-MacKenzie!  She has worked with them before, and I am looking forward to working with them now, especially since they do such unique promo for their authors.

I'm also really excited that Kristin Lenz's THE ART OF HOLDING ON AND LETTING GO (which won the 2015 Helen Sheehan Prize) was recently named a Junior Library Guild Selection for Fall 2016!!  

Looks like my indie authors are on the rise! 

Other than that, I've been busy reading and sending things out this past week, and hoping that will calm down sometime soon so I can focus on following up and some sub rights things.  I got to judge the Music City RWA Pitch contest, the WCNV contest, and participate in the Pub-Hub diverse books giveaways.  

In this picture, I am obviously Carrie Ann Inaba.

In between all that, I got to meet the wonderful Marlo Mack for brunch when she was in town, and spent some time daydreaming about moving for a bit, because even though I love, love, love my apartment and my neighborhood, my super is probably one of my least favorite people--I've been trying to get him to come and paint my bathroom after its water pipe debacle for over TWO MONTHS.  Rent in NYC is ridiculous, though (I know, that's really obvious), and apparently, the only apartments cheaper than or on par with mine are about half the size.

I was looking for pictures of horribly tiny apartments to post as an example, and then instead came across this article of a super cool, tiny apartment and this article, which I think I actually saw awhile ago.  I wouldn't mind living in these little guys...but I have a feeling they probably cost more than my apartment now and also don't mesh well with messy husbands.