Monday, May 16, 2016

Party & Bullshit (Bullshit Being No BEA for Me)

In my first major effort towards living up to my eventual thirty-ness, I have decided to try to eat healthier, because we all know my metabolism is one step away from failing.  Just kidding about the metabolism failing part, but I do need to eat better.  Instead of grocery shopping, I have been known to eat the odd ice cream sandwich for lunch and skip breakfast entirely.  Right now I'm eating a bowl of fruit, even the melon bits, which I hate.

I haven't had time to think of the other aspects of being thirty, however, because I have been BUSY.  Lots of phone calls and meetings last week, as well as the Old Stone House Soiree, which was so much fun because I had authors there (yay for Jessie and Kim) and many books on display (yay Team Carrie)!

I also signed the wonderful Brian Zepka, whose YA novel (hilariously and completely coincidentally) is about a future America where a wall is erected to halt illegal immigration, and an adopted teen risks his life helping other get through while searching for a friend that got left behind years ago.  I know, awesome!!

All of these to-dos meant that I only had a very small amount of time to mourn BEA 2016 and the fact that I did not make the trek to Chicago, credit card in hand to deal with the extra baggage fees, as I wish I did.  I looked at the pictures on Twitter briefly last weekend and the rows and rows of gorgeous, pre-publication glory, and well....sighhh, I'll get over it.



  1. the BEA tweets had me feeling all ragey too. :( And the biggest pain I find with healthy eating is prepping everything takes for-freaking-ever. Washing and slicing fruit for parfaits, making oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, etc. I find pre-prepping meals works well. I'll pre-make sandwiches ahead of time, or cook up a huge pot of veggie soup that can last a few days.

    1. oh and congrats to Brian! That MS sounds SO perfect right about now!!

  2. Yes, I'm not alone! #TeamHatesMelon

  3. Mmmmm, fruit (including melon). And welcome aboard to Brian!

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  6. Congratulations, Brian. What a timely premise for your novel. I look forward to reading it.

  7. At some local Seattle Venues I too attended a fun food fest in last week. The festival was truly adorable. There were a lot of varieties from international cuisines to desserts everything was just amazing. I hope that I will get a chance to attend such food fests again!