Monday, March 28, 2016

Sad Heart/Happy Heart

Last week was a pretty stressful one for me.  There was a private family emergency that I had to deal with, as well as a more literary stressor:...rejection.

I HATE falling head over heels in love with a manuscript, offering to the author, and then losing to another agent.  It's weird to read that, right?  I think a lot of authors don't realize that the agents are going through the same process they are, and that submissions on this side of the divide can be similar to what they experience.

In the logical part of my mind, I know rejection is something that happens to everyone, but it's still a big bummer.  It's also the reason I always do my best to give helpful feedback to authors when I pass on their fulls, because I know the pain.

I lost out on something last week and a few other times already in 2016.  All of the projects were awesome and they ended up with great agents, who I know will find them excellent homes, but I can't help but be a teeny bit mopey.

I have an on-going list of my unrequited authors, with asterisks next to their names when I see their deals listed on Publishers Marketplace.  I recently went to lunch with an editor friend at S&S who admitted she does the same thing, and we talked about just how insanely unhealthy that is.  It was made funnier by the fact that my meal with her was the epitome of health: fried pickle chips with ranch dressing and an extra-large Oreo milkshake. 

did, however, land one of the authors I'm crazy about a few day ago, and that is the amazing Georgina Penney!!  She is fantastic romance author with great energy and awesome books, and I can't wait to start sending her out.  I have calls set up with a couple others authors I'm very interested in this week, too, so I know I'll snap out of my funk soon.  

Also, as John reminded me, I've gotten the biggest advances of my career this year so far, so it kind of balances out :)


  1. Yum, fried pickle chips!

    It’s pretty fabulous that you’ve achieved the biggest advance of your career this year, and we’re only three months in. I bet you will have some more great deals soon. 2016 is going to be a good year, I think. And on the flip side, maybe there are some authors you couldn’t represent who watch for your name coming up on Publisher’s Marketplace too! In an industry as subjective as this one, I think it's normal to think a little on 'what could have been'.

  2. I'm sorry about losing out on the author and the family emergency—hope all is well now. Both things can be stressful, so together :(

    But how awesome, your biggest advances in 2016 when we're only in 3 months like Meghan said. That's pretty great—and I'm sure there's more greatness in 2016. Plus there are all the times when those of us who got multiple offers picked you instead of someone else :)

    1. Also! That comic strip is the sadness comic strip I've ever seen. </3</3</3</3</3

    2. I don't think I realized how sad it was until I looked at it again just agenting heart hasn't been THAT smashed around.

  3. I so appreciate how open you are about your side of the industry! It helps to know that agents (and acquisitions editors) are people, too. Congrats on your sale this year - great news! <3

  4. I think it's safe to say we don't usually think of that side of things. While it may not exactly ease the pain we feel, it does provide some perspective, and that's always a good thing.

    Hope the "private family emergency" is resolved for the best, and welcome to Georgina!


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