Monday, March 7, 2016

March Madness

I had this lovely moment a couple weeks ago when I was all caught up on my queries and getting my To Read pile nicely taken care of when I made the arrogant mistake of saying to myself, "I don't have that much to do!"

Then all my authors did that thing they do where they secretly confer and send me their revisions at the same time, two contracts came in for me to go over, and the pipe in my bathroom re-burst.

The bathroom thing wasn't really that bad since my landlord had someone come the next day, and I'm actually excited about the manuscripts, because there are a bunch I'm really looking forward to getting ready to submit to editors.  And, of course, I'm SUPER pumped about the contracts and having two more deals to get the year rolling (more about them soon)!  So I'm a good busy, but busy nonetheless, which means my one-second daydream of chocolate making is falling by the wayside for now.

Now that John has started his new job as a sous chef in Brooklyn, he has also had a lot on his plate (PUN!), so we haven't had too much time together.  I felt really bad about it and battled my inner sleep-craver last Friday to stay up until he got home at 2am so we could watch the new episode of Vikings together.  I'm hoping that I can speedily (yet diligently) get through these manuscripts and contract notes so that when his day off on Thursday pops up this week we can do something fun together.  Apparently it's going to be 70° in NYC on Thursday, which is crazy but also very opportune, because what sounds better on a day off than a sunny picnic in Central Park?


  1. Oh, discovered our secret plan to simultaneously laden you with manuscripts:) Now we have to come up with a new secret plan!

  2. Sounds like your landlord needs a new plumber!

  3. Okay, I'll stop being all "why hasn't she emailed me back yet?" ;-)

    1. Oh geez, did I not tell you I had it? I do and it's on the list! :)

  4. You caught us! We all secretly talk about the best time to send our revisions ;)

    But I am sorry about the pipe bursting again. Good thing the landlord got that fixed quickly. Thursday starts the Japan Week in NYC. If my WIP hasn't made you sick of Japan yet, that could be a fun thing to do. Japanese food is delicious, and this year they're focusing on two of the lesser known locations in Japan—Hokkaido and Northern Tohoku. Though a relaxing picnic in Central Park also sounds pretty great :)

  5. Yes, we love to see how much you can handle at once! You're the best, Carrie. Don't let us wear you out! Hope your day in Central Park is marvelous!

  6. haha back when I was querying I remember reading an agent said this exact thing on Twitter--how all their clients conspire to send their revisions all at once... It must be a thing!! Have a great day off tomorrow--this weather is spoiling me so hard! It's heaven outside!