Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Real Life

Back to real life and working hard to get in some more deals before the end of the year!  I also participated in Brenda Drake's Pitch Wars and requested a lot of great manuscripts to read during all the holiday traveling that is to come.

I was busy canceling Connecticut wedding stuff that is now obviously no longer needed and sadly learned that the Norwich Inn doesn't do deposit refunds.  That frustrated me about as much as opening joint checking and realizing that I have to go to the DMV and SS office for new IDs.  Marriage is a joy, but...

Switching gears, in very exciting news, I'm so happy to report that Sara Joiner's AFTER THE ASHES was named an Outstanding Science Trade Book by the National Teachers Association!  Congrats, Sara!

Prospect Agency has also added another wonderful agent to the fold: Kirsten Carleton, formerly of Waxman Leavell.  Like me, she is an Amherst alum!!  Linda and I are going dinner with her tonight, and I'm hoping to have an interview with her to share with you guys next week.  Til then!