Monday, November 30, 2015

Query Critique

Hi, everyone!  I'm back to work after a whirlwind of slightly dangerous Black Friday shopping with my mom.  There are no pictures of my Thanksgiving dinner, because, sadly, my first attempt at Thanksgiving ended with John bringing home turkey and potatoes from the restaurant...

Anyways, it's query critique time!  For everyone who enters (and those who don't) spread the word so that even if you don't submit a query, you encourage others to read and comment.  Thanks :)

If you're not familiar with how to enter, take a look at my previous post to read the rules.  Good luck!  And don't forget to post any questions you want me to answer in the comments section with the hashtag #IHAVEAQUESTION!


  1. Shared on twitter. Nice of you to do this. The writing community is so helpful.

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