Monday, June 15, 2015

Things Are Gonna Get Brighter

I came back from my visit home to a wonderful surprise: between organizing myself with submissions to editors, film agents, etc., I also have two offers to negotiate!

Nothing is final yet, so no details to share at the moment, except for the fact that my week has exponentially brightened.

Another great piece of news that has brightened my week is the fact that GOOD CHINESE WIFE will be part of an upcoming Kindle June Big Deal. From June 12-28, the ebook will be available for $1.99, so if you haven't read it yet, that is the time to download a copy and check it out!

Speaking of books, I'm almost done with the teaser anthology for RWA.  It's about ready to go to the printer, and thank god!  It was fun putting it together, but I am definitely ready for this project to be out of my hands.  I've already had some scheduled state of the union calls with authors, and busy am planning more and catching up on my reading, so I won't be sorry to have one less thing on my to do list.

Okay, off to negotiating, and reading, and emailing...and query critiquing!  Results next week!!