Monday, June 1, 2015

BEA and Query Critique

I'm feeling very refreshed after my week of semi-relaxing!  I cleaned my apartment, which actually was incredibly soothing because afterwards I had a light, airy, fresh-smelling house; had a great lunch date with Beth; and went to BEA :D

Look at the crowds!

It was so much fun getting to meet Beth in person and talk about her deal.  She is the sweetest--to celebrate her very makeup-filled book, she got me a Sephora gift card, so I got to treat myself to a bunch of fun purchases.  I also signed another new client--Nicole Pomer--this week and am loving her commercial fiction novel, BLUE MOUNTAIN, about an expat husband and wife whose marriage is on the brink of ending when he decides to go on a clandestine trip across the border to deliver medicine to Somalia.  It is told in alternating POV chapters, and details the husband's dangerous trip, and the wife's own journey to find him and bring him back.  Awesome, yes?

After all that great stuff, I wrapped up the week with BEA!!!  I have to admit, it felt quieter this year.  At least during the day I went, it didn't feel like publishers were giving out as many books (especially not BEA Buzz Books) or totes as they were last year.  Despite that, I still had an amazing time.  I got in line for a signed copy of Charles Belfoure's new book, HOUSE OF THIEVES, and got to introduce myself.  I was his agent's assistant back when we found his first novel in her slush, and he was thrilled to meet me, which was very flattering.

I got to see this as well...

Yup--it's Sara Joiner's AFTER THE ASHES on display and featured in Holiday House's poster!!!  Ahhhh, so cool!!!!!!!!

And, of course, I have to show you guys my book haul for the day:

That pretty much sums up my lovely week.  Now it's query critique time!  For everyone who enters (and those who don't) spread the word so that even if you don't submit a query, you encourage others to read and comment.  Thanks :)

If you're not familiar with how to enter, take a look at my previous post to read the rules.  Good luck!