Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Fates Have Spoken!

It looks like fate has intervened in terms of vacation time!  If I had taken a minute to look at my calendar, I would have realized that Memorial Day and BEA are crammed in the same week, meaning that I am taking this week off anyway to memorialize those who died while serving in the armed forces with barbecue AND to get all the free books I can carry!

In other news, before I go on this semi-vacation, I signed a new client: Anne O'Brien Carelli, whose awesome MG novel, SKYLARK AND WALLCREEPER, tells the alternating stories of a young girl evacuating her grandmother during Hurricane Sandy and her grandmother's youth in France working for the Resistance. Very cool!

Also, I can check off Deal #4 for this year!  BethEllyn's YA novel AT FIRST BLUSH is going to find its home with Meredith Rich at Bloomsbury Spark, and I am beyond thrilled for her.  I think Bloomsbury Spark is going to be the perfect publisher for this book, which I am crazy about, and thus am very happy that it is going to be getting out there for others to fall in love with as well.  

All in all, a pretty great week.  I got a new client and a new deal, and realized that I can actually afford to take a scheduled break.  I'm posting a day early because tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with Beth to celebrate and then letting the relaxing begin!!  That is, until Thursday, when my book Christmas (aka BEA) will be happening, and then I will go absolutely crazy!!  :P