Monday, January 26, 2015

New Week

I am sooo glad that this is the start of a new week!  There were a lot of great things that happened last week, but there was also an overarching feeling of stress that DID NOT GO AWAY. Maybe it was because my week was one day shorter because of the long weekend I granted myself, but it felt like I was constantly trying to catch up with my projects and responses to things.

Thankfully, everything is squared away and taken care of, and I am starting this week with a blank slate...or at least one that has everything checked off that needs to be checked off.

I am very happy to announce that THE CLEARING will be given new life at Diversion Books!  Since we have the rights reverted from Exhibit A, Diversion is interested in repackaging and tightening the book a bit and releasing it as hybrid front list, which should be pretty cool.

I'm hoping that I may have a few other deals up my sleeve that will come through in the next few days (one in particular), so we'll see what this week brings.

I have to admit, though, that when I went into the office on Thursday and was waiting for the Montclair train in Penn Station, my eye drifted over the departures board to the train for Miami...


  1. Great news about THE CLEARING! Does this mean my Exhibit A copy will become a collector's edition? haha

    Hoping your deals go through so you can take a beachy vacation!

  2. That's great with THE CLEARING! Fingers crossed for those deals.
    Miami does sound wonderful right now. Hope the snow isn't too bad in the NYC area.

  3. Great news for you and Dan! Hopefully this week is a better one. Good luck with the snow, looks like you'll be getting a lot more than we will upstate.