Monday, October 20, 2014

New Things Every Day

This past week was full new things, despite the fact that I had/had a bad cold! 

We all met with one of our film agents, Justin Manask, to catch up and talk more about that side of the business.  It was interesting to hear him tell us what kind books he is looking for (nonfiction that can be turned into Oscar-worthy films and sci-fi YA novels) and what the trends are in the entertainment industry (books that can be turned into TV shows are hot right now). 

And I made an offer to my first picture book author, Christina Matula-Hakli!  She was referred to me through Susan and has written a great picture book about the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Her illustrator, Pearl Law, caught Teresa's eye, so hopefully we both will be working with Christina and Pearl.

This is not for another week or so, but I will be participating in YARWA's Reckless Youth Pitch Party for the first time, thanks to one of Emily's clients, Marissa Doyle.  I'm looking forward to doing this a lot, especially since I could go for a swoon-worthy teen romance right now.  There's nothing better for a drippy nose and sore throat.

Also, for anyone who is looking for a great novella: Dan Newman has just released a prequel to THE CLEARING, available on Amazon to download for .99 cents!