Monday, September 8, 2014


This was a shorter week than normal, but it felt even more so because my work week was squished in between CT visits.  I went home for Labor Day and then circled around and traveled back this past weekend for a family party.  I do feel like I got a lot done in that short period of time, though, including sending out two projects for their debut round of submission, so go me!  Also had a very energetic conversation with Jeff about a few of his ideas for other books - I am very excited about one in particular and looking forward to seeing it start to take shape.

I've been going home more frequently lately, and I have to admit, I really enjoy doing it.  You don't realize how adorable and picturesque your hometown was until you get used to the view from your apartment window being another person's apartment window.  John and I went to the Hebron Fair while I was home, and I couldn't stop commenting on how much wide open space there was on the drive there...guess New York is getting into my head too much, because I kept thinking about how many apartments you could fit onto the fallow fields and forests we sped by.

I'm having another short week this week and going home for our friends' wedding.  Hopefully I will be as productive as I was this week so that once Friday hits, I can line dance and eat cake with a carefree heart!



  1. How great about Jeff's book ideas. I always love feeling energetic about new projects. Your trips to and from Connecticut are making me feel better about scheduling events there in April! Just joking, because I'm super excited about them. But my brother told me it's a 4 hour round trip to/from his Brooklyn neighborhood and the Darien area. Have a great time at the wedding this weekend! I love this photo you posted almost as much as I love weddings!

  2. It was a good conversation, wasn't it? Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop, too! Home trips are fun, especially when they're for things like barbeques, parties and weddings.

  3. Did you find a dress to wear to the wedding? (I like talking about girly things!)

    I'm going to see my parents next weekend too, very excited to get out of the city for a bit. Have fun this weekend!