Monday, August 25, 2014

New Week, New Goals, New Look

Although relaxing last week didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would, I'm still energized and ready to get things rolling this week, especially since I have 11 manuscripts that I need to read, and lots of submissions to follow up on!  

On top of that, I just received the first draft of Nicole's contract for GIRLS WHO TRAVEL, and am looking forward to reviewing it ASAP.  I'm going to be very Berkley-focused for awhile, since Jackie Cantor also really enjoyed a project I sent her by another one of my incredible clients, Rachel Mork!  She wanted to see some changes made and have a chat with Rachel, so fingers crossed everything goes well!

I'm hoping to squeeze in some time to watch the season finale of True Blood on HBO GO--a guilty pleasure that shall exist no more--and maybe even finish unpacking my kitchen as well?   We'll see how lucky I get :)

And if you didn't guess by seeing the new blog design, I was sucked into the world of fancy blog templates today!  I found a great web designer, Maiedae, that had beautiful design packages, and then stumbled upon Designer Blogs, a blog design studio that offers really gorgeous, inexpensive pre-made Blogger templates.  You should really check them out - I clicked on the website, then looked up and realized that two hours had gone by in a blink.  I ended up choosing the "Scout" design but was debating between that and "Hazel" for quite some time.

This is Hazel, and my blog current is repping Scout.  Which one do you like better?

These templates are only $15 each, and they are a great way to give your blog a face lift  - so I might end up trying out many more!  

I also figured out how to change my share buttons to cute, circle images thanks to the Blog Decorator.  She also offers pre-made blog templates that you can purchase, as well as more expensive custom packages, but the really great thing about her site is that she gives really handy tutorials, like the one I followed to change my share buttons.

My blog was long overdue for some freshening up, and I love the way it looks I actually know something about blogging, haha!


  1. aahh I love the blog makeover!! It's all sparkly and new. And you got the award image up, yay!

    1. Thanks! It was embarrassing how easy it was to get the award image up once I actually buckled down and Googled.

  2. Very nice, Carrie.

    You haven't finished unpacking your kitchen yet? Are you pulling things out on an 'as needed' basis?

    1. Well...dishes are in cabinets, but pots and pans are still living in cardboard. I started out well and then kind of tapered off quickly.

  3. Love the new look! It's very polished.

    Finish unpacking your kitchen and then we can talk about the True Blood finale!!! haha

  4. I love the new look! And am so excited that Jackie is interested in Rachel's project! So many things to look forward to!