Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Warrior

I'm still recovering from this past weekend.  BEA was the most intense it's ever been...or maybe I was just the most intense I've ever been at BEA, not sure.  I did bring a suitcase this year, but it did also seem like everyone was really aggressive about getting the same ARCs I was gunning for.

You can't tell, but all the people are moving from booth to booth at the speed of lightning.

Over the weekend, I got my notes for Erin's contract back to her editor, and was able to cross a manuscript off my "to read" list!  Pretty big feats since I was under the sway of the free book gods and also went back home to drive up to my five-year college reunion.  

It was really nice to be back at Amherst, see old classmates, and show John around.  It was, however, kind of jarring to go from the BEA pictured above to the campus pictured below.

I went to such a pretty school!  And it's SO calm!

Now that I'm back in the city, my goal is to read as much as possible before I go on vacation next week.  I was a judge for an online writing contest called The Voice recently, and requested a lot of great manuscripts from it, so making a dent in all of that is not going to be as easy as I'd like to be.  I am, however, trying to stay firm on my self-imposed enjoyment rule of ABSOLUTELY NO WORK during vacation.  

I may bend it a little, though.  Because it's not really work if you're doing it on the beach, right?


  1. If I lived near you, I would have been tempted to put in a request for a few ARCs. Have a great vacation!

  2. BEA looks like a magical land! I imagine the whole place smells like one giant new book too.

  3. Dang, that's one big event!

  4. I think it's only work if you wouldn't do it if they didn't pay you. Put another way, if there are parts of your job you enjoy, you can do those on vacation. Def don't do the parts that annoy or tire you out! I took a few projects while I was vacationing in Puerto Rico once and I swear, it felt good to know (while I was lying beachside spending money) that I made enough to cover my expenses for part of the trip by doing a bit of work, work I didn't hate. Haha. Have a FUN WEEK! :-)

  5. Wow, BEA looks even cooler from that aerial view! I would be in heaven! I bet all your Amherst classmates were very impressed with how far you've gone since graduation. Have a wonderful vacation!