Monday, June 30, 2014


So I actually got this news a couple weeks ago but wanted to wait to write about it because I wasn't sure if it was announce-able news.

In a very unfortunate turn of events, it looks like Dan and JB's publisher, Exhibit A, will be shutting down immediately due to financial issues.  Their parent company, Angry Robot Books, will still be up and running, but Dan's second book, THE JOURNALIST, will not be published with them, though THE CLEARING and JB's John Resznick series will still be published by Angry Robot.

It's always sad to here about something like this happening, but I'm hoping that we can find another publisher for THE JOURNALIST soon!

In other, happier news, I'm moving and going to San Antonio!  These are actually two separate things, but they're happening on top of one another, so they're linked in my mind.  I'm going to go to RWA with Emily in San Antonio at the end of July and I'm also going to move into a studio (only 3 blocks away from my current apartment) at the start of August!  With all that burning sunshine and heavy lifting in my future, I may just post a picture of me sweating then and have you guess where I am.


  1. I'm bummed for Dan and JB. Best of luck on the resubmission process.

    I thought you were moving to San Antonio for a minute! Have a fun and productive time at RWA, and the move!

  2. Wow, that's really too bad about Exhibit A. But I know Dan and JB are in perfect hands with you. Sometimes these things happen for a reason.

    Have a fabulous time in San Antonio! I've heard RWA is lots of fun. If you have extra room in your suitcase, you can walk away with a ton of swag. RWA authors are very much into that from what I've seen in social media!

    Good luck with your move!