Monday, June 9, 2014

Literary Agents Need Glasses Don't They? Lots and Lots of Glasses?

One of my new (slightly fanatical) obsessions lately is--you guessed it--fancy specs.  After getting teased a little by someone ::cough, JOHN:: about my '90s robot glasses, I've been in the market for a new pair.  Or three.

I had gone to the Warby Parker in the West Village with my bestie Sarah last summer when she wanted to buy glasses just to wear (i.e. she doesn't actually need them, which threw the salespeople for a loop).  It is a very cool place, and their website was my first stop when I started my own glasses search.

But then I discovered that there are lots of other similar glasses sites, with awesome virtual try-on options and easily returnable home try-ons to boot.

So this is what I did:

I ordered home try-ons from Warby Parker.

Thanks for your
Home Try-On order!
Good news! Your Home Try-On order has
been received, and we’re packing up a box
with the frames you chose:

Durand in saddle russet 
DURAND in saddle russet

Burke in tennessee whiskey 
BURKE in tennessee whiskey

Lyle in english oak 
LYLE in english oak

Ainsworth in walnut tortoise 
AINSWORTH in walnut tortoise

Ainsworth in striped chestnut 
AINSWORTH in striped chestnut

Get excited!
And I also got a pair of Maxine glasses from Lookmatic and a pair called Watling Street from Eyefly.  

These are the Maxine glasses.

These are Watling Street!  (I think they might be my favorites).

This is pretty much how I've been spending the start of my vacation.  And there is probably going to be a lot more glasses ordering going on in my future, because this is easy, inexpensive, and so much fun! 

Oh and if anyone knows where I can buy a pair of Warby Parker Preston glasses in Bellini, I will give you one of my eyeballs for your information. Those glasses are sooo pretty it would be worth not having depth perception anymore.


  1. As someone who has been wearing glasses since second grade, I can't comprehend why anyone would wear glasses just to wear glasses. Your friend can have mine if I can have her 20-20 vision!

    Just based on the images, I would favor the Lyle. Enjoy vacation!

  2. Great choices. I got Lasik about 7 years ago, and I love being able to see without glasses, but I miss the style aspect. I'm on the cusp of needing reading glasses now, so I'll get to pick out a fun new pair soon!