Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Shakespeare, A Little Surprise

I can't remember what got me going down this road (maybe talking about my upcoming five-year reunion with a friend?), but I found myself thinking lately that I am not a smart as I used to be.  Easy Exhibit A: I can't do calculus anymore.

Exhibit B:  Back when I was studying abroad at Oxford, I wrote this paper about the different outlooks on honor in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Henry V for my tutor, who told me that it represented me finding my voice as a Shakespeare critic, which was a pretty cool thing to hear (especially in an English accent).  I submitted it to Connotations, an international journal for critical debate, and it was published.  Since then, I think I've misplaced my inner Shakespeare critic, because reading this over six years later, I'm not sure I could write this paper again.

Surprisingly, after it was published, someone published an essay in response to my essay (kind of like a Shakespeare smack down) and another person apparently referenced my essay in a college term paper.  I didn't find this out until recently and was pretty shocked.  It's weird to see someone referencing something you wrote.

What do you guys think?  Do you ever read something you incredibly wonderful that you wrote and wonder how the hell you did it?